about bodyhome maker

bodyhome maker is a speculative oral history listening experience created by Kae Bara Kratcha and a companion piece to the Working 2050 podcast. Kae hopes it will make listeners think about tattoos, bodies, work, interdependence, and the future.

bodyhome maker was produced on the unceded traditional homelands of the Lenni Lenape. Kae recommends the Manna-hatta Fund as a starting place for settlers in Lenapehoking to support Indigenous peoples who were violently displaced from this land. In addition to giving, there are many actions settlers can take towards decolonization, some of which are outlined on the Manna-hatta Fund website.

The oral history interviews with Georgia McCandlish used in bodyhome maker were conducted remotely in November and December 2020, and the fiction pieces were written and recorded in spring 2021. The piece debuted as part of the Oral History MA (OHMA) program at Columbia University’s LISTEN HERE exhibition on April 9, 2021. For full credits, please listen to the “credits” track or read the “credits” transcript.

Image description: Kae, a white queer person with brown hair pulled back, sits sideways on a brightly colored hammock with their hands under their chin and their elbows braced on their knees. They are surrounded by concrete and flower beds and are wearing a blue and white tie-dyed shirt, a green floral robe, and black Birkenstocks (they are also wearing shorts but you can’t see them because of how they’re sitting on the hammock). /end image description

Kae is a white, queer & nonbinary oral historian-in-training and librarian working and studying at Columbia University. You can read their whole bio on the OHMA website. You can find Kae on Twitter @kaeklib.

This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

about Working 2050

Working 2050 is a speculative oral history about the workers of the future. We talk to people about what they do all day and how they feel about it. Then we write science fiction about what the future might look like in 2050. The show was created by H Kapp-Klote.

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about Georgia & Fruit Camp

Learn more about Georgia McCandlish at https://georgiamccandlish.com/.

Visit Fruit Camp at https://www.fruitcamptattoo.com/.